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(one thing I’ll say for ready furry comics [mind out of gutter now, tyvm] is that the species names seem to stick more; education through procrastination I always say! lol)

Anyway. Over the last week we had a bit of an invasion at the office. Apparently the cold was just too much for a certain long-tailed something or other and it moved in bringing with it all sorts of bad habits. I mean, it’s one thing for a mouse (or, in our case, a rat) to do its mousey/rattie thing, seek warmth and shelter. I get that. But when ya come in and take over the place, chewing through a wall here and a floor there, and not cleaning up after yourself. Well, then, you’ve just made yourself persona-non-‘rat’a in our books and you must go.

Steps were taken, of course, by the more hunter-minded of our employees (I swear, you’d think they were trapping bear the way these guys took to the task). The first night he or she just taunted us, cleaning the trap but not setting it off (and I said it didn’t clean up after itself… silly me!). So the second night some modifications were made and more traps set. Seriously, the glee in their eyes? Kinda scary. The mighty hunters were rewarded, however (and, thankfully, the uninvited guest was not found in *my* office), and though they set traps again, just in case he or she invited friends over or something (another bad house-guest maneuver), I think we managed to ‘send a message’ that night: trash our place? we trash you.

‘Eh, Guido and Vito?

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