Everyday Adventures

That’s what yesterday was. Sunday was not Sunday, but Slug-Day. I admit it, I thought of leaving the house… but no. I thought about the errands I could run, the laundry, etc. No. I stayed in my pjs all freaking day. And I think I needed it.  Both days this weekend I slept in really late. I went to work for a few  hours Saturday and that was all I could handle, I was in slug-mode as soon as I got home.

There was an event this weekend but, esp. considering my energy levels in hindsight, I feel I made the right decision not to attend. I do sort of regret not making it to a certain birthday dinner on Saturday evening but, again, I had no energy and could not have waited to eat supper that late so, again, it was for the best. I didn’t get much accomplished inside the home, either, but what little progress I made in tidying up the Abyss was good progress nonetheless. Still a LOT of work to do in there (I could probably use a backhoe and have it done quicker lol) but I managed to reclaim a few feet of floorspace and the only things on the work table are now things being sorted into boxes and bins. It’s going to be a multi-step organize (since I cannot reach half of the room right now) but it’s getting there 🙂

Today I get to be made radioactive. Wohoo! The jury is still out on whether I’ll actually glow in the dark but I think there’s a distinct possibility for the emergence of superpowers (hey, I might as have fun with the concept, no?)!

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