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Holly Golightly, indeed! (though I do wish I could wear those cute flats she preferred which are back in style, but I digress)

Today was not a bad day, really, some interesting things happened and I was looking forward to sharing them with you. But then some stupid-head had to go and IM me something relatively inappropriate and took it badly when I told him that no, I didn’t feel like discussing sex (in any context) right then. Fine, screw you too (except I wouldn’t–not even in text–and that is, of course, the problem right?). But then a company I was TRYING to spend money with (and willing to pay a not-dim penny for something they didn’t even have to box up and ship me–it’s a downloaded upgrade for pity’s sake!) decides to have attitude and not process the charge. Twice. And the “live support”? Nope, unavailable. So I break down and call the idiots and they’re closed. Yes, I realize it’s not standard business hours, but don’t put the number if your not going to have a person to answer it unless you post the time restriction on that number in the same space. ARGH!

So, while I thought about ranting good and long about the above and a few other things (because this is my blog and I can do whatever I want with it because I pay for it) I decided I really didn’t want to do that either. So tummy is now full of chocolate-covered cookies of various kinds and I’m putting myself to bed. Alone.

Scraps out.

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