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Ever since middle school I’ve had this strange curiosity about D&D. I’m a geek, I just don’t necessarily look like one or act like one at all times.

Back then my (guy) friends played and I’d ask them about it, ask to play, etc. and I’d just get the ‘you’re too much of a girl’ type responses. I’d hear bits and pieces and even almost bought some of the books from a used book store in high school. But no, never did and never got to play, not even when some of my other (female) friends played. Sigh…

While I worked at the Plantation I had a chef who would run games, and while he never invited me to play (hello…I was working in a restaurant, when was there time anyway!) he did tell me some interesting stories.

So now I’m in the SCA and low and behold the group is filled with gamers. I suppose it’s no big surprise, all things considered, but okay, whatever, I mention that I was never really allowed to play with my friends, yadda yadda yadda and the strangest thing happened: they actually said, ‘Well, we play here every such-and-such night, your welcome to come.’


Now, of course, being me–the inordinately busy and hobbied person that I already am, I really didn’t take them up on it the first time it was offered, but recently it was offerred again and I decided to maybe come by and watch and see how they did things and see if I really was interested in playing or if Munchkin was really more my style. Last week: game canceled. This week, game on but wait, maybe not, not enough people showed up. Sigh… so, if they ever actually play again, I might just get to see finally what the fuss is all about.

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  1. Maybe you can use Wednesday, 1/11/06 to see. I don’t have a clue about playing the current edition of D&D, but I’m sure that watching will be as much fun as Advanced D&D.

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