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Today the only vestiges of the hangover is a slightly sore ribcage noticible only when I cough or laugh. This is a vast improvement over yesterday!

Work was rather productive. I didn’t get quite as much as I’d hoped done last week when we were closed, but what I did accomplish helped me almost finish the Big Task today so yay me. Plus it gave me uninterrupted time to figure out a few more bits of the new system and there’s a trio of questions/requests waiting for EPMS when they return to the office tomorrow 🙂

Dancing did not happen, but even if it had I would have merely spectated–I’m being a good do-bee and not risking my heel/ankle any more than necessary. I’ve even decided not to push my luck by dancing at First Friday. I’ll be a spectator this month and hopefully back in the swing of things for February. (slight pout, but there is a possibility my mood will improve about that lol)

Instead of dancing we went to Rice bowl for dinner. Yummmmmmmmy. Now, the first time I went with the dance group their spicy tuna roll was how I liked it: with the spice paste inside the roll with the other ingredients. Since then they must have a new sushi chef because the last few times (tonight included) it had instead this spicy brown sauce on the top and you totally cannot taste the tuna at all. The smoked eel roll, however, was divine and I believe next time I’ll get that with something else other than the spicy tuna. Sad to say but Publix’s spicy tuna roll is superior. The meal I ordered was tasty too (T17) and it was some sort of spicy fish non-curry. Most of that came home and will be lunch tomorrow. Mmmmm.

After that it was over to the C’s where there had been talk of a movie but, as per the norm, reality turned out to be far more entertaining. “Never a dull moment.” All I’ll say is that instead of 3-card-stud there were 3 stud cards doing a little bootie dance in their skivvies for us. On film. Hee! No, I will not be utilizing the video features of the gallery to share that, but I do hope to get a copy for private viewing purposed. Meow!

Speaking of video: Lady Ana! I need copies of the Harvest videos to futz with for uploading!!! This is me nagging! Luv ya!

2 thoughts on “Feeling human again

  1. How do you manage to have so much fun?

    **Scraps says:
    Beats the hell out of me!

    Actually, I think it has a smidge to do with my policy of never passing up a decent opportunity. Basically as long as its legal and not obviously harmful or ill-advised, I’m game. Ergo, fun. The corollary to that is that there can be no regrets, even if the experience isn’t great in the end, its an experience I wouldn’t have had if I gave in to fear, uncertainty, shyness, the what-ifs, etc. I adopted this after my first divorce as a way to work out of my shell a bit. It worked then, and it still works now it seems.

    The rest is just karma–I guess I have a knack for being in the fun place at the right time!**

  2. Ok. Ok. I’ll make a cd this afternoon or tomorrow. Nag again if I don’t bring to meeting. :-)!

    **Scraps says:

    Thank you!!!!**

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