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Now I’ve got Carol Burnett from Annie running through my head. I spent the evening editing a couple of articles and finishing some clay doll parts for one of them. Between all the typing and mousing and drawing and now the clay stuff my right hand is really smarting. Time to dig out that elastic brace and some ibuprofen!

I can hardly wait to check out my pageviews for Random Acts from today. I threw $5 at a Project Wonderful ad (lasted for about 7 hours on a high-traffic site) just to test and I know I got 15 clicks (12 uniques) from the ad but I wonder if more people went to the site directly instead of clicking through. It’ll be interesting to see how many archive crawls I can detect and, more importantly, how many come back later in the week. Basically I earned the paypal money from the eHow WCP and if it’s in my PayPal account its ‘play money’ in my mind, so if it doesn’t pan out, it’s no great loss. If it does, well, then I’ll try a few different sites/days/hour combinations as long as there is funds in the paypal. Thinking about buying a newsletter ad for next week, too, again just to experiment. Baby steps.

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