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So, today’s headache? RSS feeds.

I absolutely adore Google Reader, it saves me so much time every day and I know many people feel the same way about their chose feed readers. I also adore Google Analytics for tracking Random Acts… stats. The one thing it doesn’t track? RSS subscriptions. I could have more readers than I thought, so I decided to look into ways to track RSS subscriptions.

Enter FeedBurner. Now, I actually have misgivings about using this service but many people do, even some webcomics I know of, and it really would be nice to have those numbers, so I install it and set up the feed. Oh, look, it allows you to alias your domain for the reader url instead of there’s, that’s nice, I even managed to create a DNS entry all on my own. Of course, it didn’t quite work. So I backtracked, deactivated that option and set the various urls to point to each other. Baby steps.

Well, that took care of the out and out error message I was getting, but now the RSS subscriber in the url field looks for feeds.randomactscomics.com (which doesn’t exist). I’ve been able to use validators to see that randomactscomics.com/feed/ and the feedburner url are both valid but I don’t see anywhere to tell WordPress where to look. Sigh… I think it might have something to do with the Comic Press plug-in but I can’t be sure, nonetheless I’ve thrown myself on the mercy and wisdom of the plugin’s forum to see if there’s a known solution or trick I’m just not aware of.

Worst case scenario is I deactivate the lot and just let those go untracked until I find a better solution. But I hate taking steps backward!

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