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So I engaged in a bit of retail therapy last week and I was really surprised that my ring from came in so soon. Isn’t it pretty? It’s almost too pretty, but not quite, lol.Smoky Quartz, Garnet and Tanzanite ring

Anyway, aside from admiring the new pretty I managed to get two of this week’s comics completed and the third about half-way there. Which is good because I need to pick up non essential items from the living room and dining room tomorrow night because the carpet cleaners are coming Wednesday! Lovely two day warning, huh? But, hey, it’s a freebie due to renewing my lease, so who am I to really argue. I figure I’ll stash the dining room table (thank goodness its lightweight) and chairs on the bed and roll up the rug so they can cover the most area. The Abyss is still off limits and I’ll probably just close both bedroom doors just to avoid the headache. It’s the high-traffic areas that need it anyway.

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