Everyday Adventures

For a brief fraction of a moment. On the comics at least. Managed to get this week’s strips done tonight and at a reasonable hour, too. It has a lot to do with some streamlined backgrounds this week compared to the host of details involved with the last week’s mini-arc. If I can keep them minimal but complete, I will be happy and done sooner. Buffer is a long way off, though, as I’ve sorta used up my wiggle-room on the RA… print submission. I have til the end of the month before I break my self-stated deadline to the publisher and I don’t intend to break it. Work work work 😉

But the rest of the week can be split between the print special and my eHow articles, which should get me back on track and in line with all of my deadlines. Maybe I’ll even have a chance to get more script written on Wedding Tarot!

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