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Does anybody else remember the Bill Engvall “Here’s Your Sign” routine? Specifically the one where they’re moving and the current idiot walks up and asks the obvious question? What does Bill say?

“Nah, we just like to box everything up and drive it around the block every now and then.”

Or something like that.

This gives me a good idea (I hope) of how to deal with the Abyss (which has returned to its previous state of sustained entropy… sigh). Not so much with the driving it around, but, when are we the most judicious about what to keep and what to throw away? When we move. Specifically, when we pack. So if I pack up all the loose stuff in the Abyss with that critical ‘would I want to pack this around’ mentality in place, then maybe I could cull the crafters herd in there and be able to organize it as I unpack it again. At least that’s my theory. Because in order to get order in there, I have to take all the stuff out (except the furniture, that can stay where it is) and at least this way it won’t be scattered and stacked on every available surface (like last time). Might seem like a little extra work to box it all up, but I also have a couple of storage units I bought at IKEA that are yet to be used, so I can fill those instead of boxes as well. Anyway, it’s a plan, now I just have to find a moment to implement it!

One thought on “Packing it in…

  1. This is a decent idea. My sister makes part of her living going to people’s homes and helping them de-clutter their living spaces.

    As part of my six months to reset project and even way before that I started looking around the ole homestead and closet and if I hadn’t worn it in six months I packed it away right then and there and took it to Good Will the next day.

    For my computer room I did something similar.

    Over time it got easier to get rid of stuff. I would sell stuff to people for way less than it was worth because it got it out of my house and what is better – cash in hand, or room in your house taken up with something you haven’t used in three years? I choose the cash.

    I wish you well and if you need an unbiased strict friend to come over and make you make those difficult decisions let me know. Only you better be sure you want the “tough love” cuz it can be pretty painful and angsty and I don’t want to get hit. 8^)

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