Lists have been made

Everyday Adventures

Several of them. 4 to be exact. All for a single night of camping. What, me, overprepare? No such thing!

I have the food list which also includes the ‘kitchen’ necessities, having mentally walked through the on-site preparation of each meal (it’s really not all that much, almost everything will be prepped and in the cooler prior to leaving, it’s just a matter of not forgetting a simple thing like napkins or cutlery). Then there’s the lodging list for the tent, the air mattress, the camp chairs, that sort of thing. Third is the clothing/toiletries list which, yes, I know it’s only one night, but I’m still a girl: this will not be one of those not-changing-clothes weekends that I’m sure some guys do with no problem. Nuh-huh! And finally there is the shopping list. Fairly brief it’s mostly a few ingredients per meal that need to be procured and miscellaneous stuff like a grill brush and heavy duty aliminum foil. Basics, really.

But the lists are made and the few bits of shopping will be taken care of over the next two evenings and prep-cooking on Friday. I’m really looking forward to this little overnighter and I hope that it goes well enough that I’m willing to do it again sometime.

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