I was supposed to be /watching/ ER…

Everyday Adventures

Not starring in one! Though, honestly, had it been an episode of er i would have been a lowly extra waiting in chairs the /entire/ show.

i am dispensing with the shift key since i’m only typing with one hand

y’all, new knives are sharp.

and you should never get a knife to do a scissors job.

learn from my mistakes, y’all

so, okay, i was trying to take the tag off of the grill brush but it wouldn’t just pull off so i grabbed the nearest sharp object which happened to be the paring knife i’d bought at lunch for the camping trip. I bought it because we will have minimal cutting needs and it came with its own nifty lucite sheath. A /tight/ luciite sheath. So i’m juggling the grill brush tag while trying to get the knife out when whoosh1 there it goes… right along the side of my left index finger.

oh my god the blood

i’ve never had a cut bleed that much, much less keep welling up even after i held it under water and applied pressure. i quickly realized i was completely out of my element so i did what an 31 year old would do; i called my mommy.

only her phone was off [she doesn’t care for phonecalls so much so periodically forgets to pay that bill] so iu call her cellphone. twice. no answer. quick wound check; still bleeding. i tried to call palmie but she didn’t answer so i gave up and called urgent care.

they decided i should go straight to the emergency room. i arrived at 10;04 pm. at a little past 4am they finally brought me back to an exam room. an hour after that i was leaving the hospital with 4 stitches and a splint that makes me look like i’m wearing a foam finger. i went and had the rx filled and finally made it home at about 5;30.

soon [90 minutes] i will be able to call in to work, take a vicodin, and finally get some sleep. when i wake up i’m going to try and finish getting ready for the camping trip [hope springs eternal]… including getting the blood off of the pairing knife…

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