Last night, I couldn’t sleep a wink at all…

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At least not for quite a while. I had this weird feeling that I’d forgotten something even though I know I hadn’t. I’d completed most of the items on the to do list and the one that wasn’t got a decent start. I checked that the doors were locked, everything turned off that was supposed to, nothing was wrong. And yet, I couldn’t sleep.

I ended up reading an entire Stuart Woods novel that Mom had leant me and finally was able to get to sleep sometime towards 4am. And overslept a bit. I wasn’t all /that/ late for work, but I was rushed and didn’t have time to stop for gas on the way in. At 10 I had a dr’s appointment so I left early enough to take care of that little detail only to find that the gas-cap was, in fact, not secured. Now, I’m compulsive about turning it until it clicks once or twice and I hadn’t gotten gas in almost 2 weeks so how it came loose is anyone’s guess, but in light of this little development I’ve decided to give that pesky light another couple days to reset itself. Grr

And then things got really interesting.

As I approach my dr’s office I notice signs advertising a (new?) dr’s office in the area all pointing in the direction I was heading. See what’s coming up? Yeah. I kept thinking that maybe he was renting the other half of the building but, no, when I walked in the lobby stretched all the way across both halves (a change) and it was clearly redecorated.

Bewildered and a bit irritated since it was four minutes until I had to be who knows where, I tap on the receptionist’s glass and explain my confusion. She wasn’t exactly sure where the new office was but thought it was on Centerville (where I’d just passed but is split so backtracking gets a bit interesting). Luckily I had my old appt card in my purse so I was able to call and get the new address. Fifteen minutes, two circles around a warren of small offices, and two different mis-guesses I finally find the office, only to find out that the doctor isn’t even in yet! Oh brother.

Now, granted, he’d been on call all weekend at the hospital, I later found out, and got hung up on a consult that morning, hence the delay, but it was a full 2 hours before I got back to the office. The good news is that things are still moving in the right direction, he’s happy with my progress (even if it is incremental) and will see me again in March unless something else presents itself.

The rest of the day was blessedly uneventful until I got the initial pictures from Q. She’s awesome, I just wish I’d given her more to work with. I really need to work on my posture! I’ve just barely narrowed the 66 shots to my fav 10. And you really can’t tell that we were all sweating buckets in Sunday’s humidity.

And tonight, thank heavens, television has returned. Yay! And I will say that holy hell but Heroes has won me for another season. I really didn’t expect to watch this season since the original plan had been to dump the season 1 cast and start fresh which made no freaking sense. But after tonight’s episode I barely know what to make of some of the details but I like what I see so far.

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