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This has been an incredibly busy and productive weekend.

Friday night Palmie and I went out for sushi and then back to her place to pack pack pac. She’s moving in a week and still had a lot to go. We made a dent and then she kept on during the weekend.

Saturday the to-do list was long and included shopping for a few things. Turned out to be a stellar shopping day as I came across one sale after another. Including a pair of free shoes! I was at Bealls Outlet and saw some cute ankle-strap pumps for 16.99 but they had a little discount code sticker on them that I thought was 70% off. Nope. It rang up as 95% off! Eighty-five cents, people, for shoes that originally retailed for $44!

Today we (Q, myself, along with T&C) tromped all over Maclay Gardens where Q took tons of pictures of the three of us. I had decided it would be a good idea to have a decent headshot done for my profile over at eHow and just to have some shots for general use. It’s been years since I’ve had photos done anyway and let me tell you: working with a photographer who’s also a friend is a far different experience than going to some studio who just moves you through. I can’t wait to see the pictures.

With a couple more hours to go before bed I’m going to try for one more project at least started. This one will be for the pumpkin party. I thought about whether I should cancel it, whether I would have the time to put it together, but since the canopy and favor containers have already come in, I have all the basic supplies already and the party almost plans itself there was really no reason to forgo it this year. While I may not be able to do such extensive decorating as I’d planned, I think it will still go off well and not interfere with the increasing writing demands.

This week, though, is going to be a smidge crazy. I’ve got a follow-up visit with Dr Z tomorrow at 10am, Wednesday we have a Q&A meeting at 3:45 for the teachers participating in NaNo and I may very well have to take Electra into the dealership because the engine light came on Friday. Granted, I’d splashed through a puddle on the way into the parking lot that morning, at if the water splashed onto the emission control that could cause the light, but I really think it should have dried out by now and the light it still on. If it hasn’t gone off by the time I get back from the dr’s tomorrow I’ll call and let them know I’m bringing her in. Hey, I didn’t get around to getting the oil changed this weekend so they can do that, too, and it’ll only cost me $10. Probably have them rotate the tires as well. But that’ll be all that gets paid for since she’s well under the bumper to bumper warranty.

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