It’s time to celebrate: I’ve lost my mind

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No, not really. That’s not how I view this step it just feels like it some moments.

I was able to take care of a few loose ends tonight, I’ve notified the powers that be of the needed sca-scale-back and we have plans in place to facilitate that. Basically I’ll be invisible in November if it’s not writing related (oh, I’ll still post here as the wordcount climbs, no worries there) and then in December I’ll actually be able to function again. I hope.

The new writing era starts next week. I’m still trying to decide what is going to be my second writing day. I could keep Wednesdays and then add Saturday or Sunday, that’s 3 and 4 days between writing sessions, enough time for fresh eyes for editing. Or I could do Tuesdays and Thursdays, but then I’d only have one day between and I do still want to make SCA meetings so Thursdays aren’t really great for that (though there is a new coffee shop not far from the meeting site that might need to be checked out…). I think I’ll try Wed/Sat next week and see how it goes. This weekend I’ll wrap up the last September article and try and get a bit ahead on the comic.

The cable appointment actually went quite smoothly and while I was home UPS showed up with the Canopy for the BYOP party. Bonus! I still haven’t even opened the box yet, there hasn’t been time. I finally got the Panhandle Skirmishes website uploaded. It’s not my prettiest work, but it’s up and it’s (hopefully) correct and I can work on prettying it up this weekend. Another thing off the list.

Finally, I took a bit of a trip in the time-machine tonight. See, four months ago I had that unfortunate incident with the paring knife (that I still can’t bring myself to use or even touch) that landed me in the hospital waiting room all night. As a result of my stupidity, I missed the (crucial) last 15 minutes of CSI and the entirety of ER. I finally got to see them tonight. It was very weird realizing just at what point I no longer remembered the CSI episode which had been on in the background while I got stuff ready for the camping trip that never was. The scar from that evening is still fairly noticable and the side of my index finger is still pretty sensitive if too much pressure is applied, but I don’t think I’ll ever be as careless with a blade again!

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