Pardon me while I have a little chat with my car.

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No, seriously. This morning, shortly after arriving at the office, it hit me: I have OnStar.

So I went back OUT to the car, cranked up the engine, and pushed that little blue button and had a nice chat with a diagnostician was able to tell me that the vent solenoid was reading as broken. Mystery solved, and I have scheduled it for service on Thursday. Made me feel a lot better knowing it was actually something off rather than a loose fuel cap or water on the emissions sensor.

After work it was a quick trip to Target Copy to make up the packets for the teacher meeting tomorrow. I made 30. I’m optimistic. Usually I’d just stay late at work and use our office copier for this sort of thing but there was a slight hitch there: it died. Hellacious noise turned out to be the equivalent of an engine seizing and there’s no hope for it. Play taps and donate it to OAR. Of course, this was beneficial, because for under $20 and under 10 minutes I had the packets not only collated but stapled. The usual way would have had me collating by hand and stapling myself. This was much better.

The BYOP(5) invitations are about half assembled. Or, well, the cover bit is. This is turning out to be a slightly more involved project than I thought, but the hard part (well, it wasn’t even that hard, just tedious from the necessary trial and error) is done. I should be on schedule to send them out on the first. I’m really liking the interactivity of this years invitation, it should be more obvious than last year’s black bar and the mechanism is so very simple in reality… Thank goodness I went through all those old craft magaziens otherwise I wouldn’t have found the answer to my dilemma πŸ™‚

One thought on “Pardon me while I have a little chat with my car.

  1. You may just want to hand me mine this year, with all of the stuff going on with my address. Or, I can give you Mom’s address, because mail that goes there will eventually find me whether I’m staying there or not. πŸ™‚

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