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Then today is your day! Yes, that’s right, today is National Pina Colada Day! Just now hearing about it? Well, if you read this pre-midnight on the 10th hasten thee to the nearest blender for a frothy concoction. If it’s already the 11th, well, set a reminder for next year and be warned about these future adult-beverage holidays:

July 14th: National Grand Marnier Day
July 19th: National Dacquiri Day
July 24th: National Tequila Day
August 16th: National Rum Day

And speaking of “gettin’ caught in the rain”: I tempted weatherish fate and made my two laps at San Luis park without the sky falling on me. It thundered and threatened, the breeze was kinda nice, and I think there were a couple of light sprinkles in the 30 minutes I was out there but I perservered and I don’t think the bottom ever really did fall out.

I’m really looking forward to the day when I don’t have to convince myself to make that second lap (oh, who am I kidding, the first one, too). That will be the day that I push myself for a third lap and thereby make use of the 60 minute workout playlist on my iPod that, heretofore, has only been used once when I selected it by accident and wondered why I hadn’t run out of music by the time I made it back to my car. Finishing that second lap, however, is quite a feeling. Mainly because I’ve finally gone numb from the knees down.

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