Note to Self: No Naps!

Everyday Adventures

I made the very grievous error on Sunday afternoon to lay down for a bit of a nap. Consequently I couldn’t pay myself to get to sleep until about quarter to four this morning. This is not the way to start a week!

Historically speaking I’ve never been much of a nap-taker. I love me some sleep and a nap seems like the cruelest interruption of a sweet, sweet slumber. Usually I nap only when ill for precisely this reason. I tried warm milk: nada. I even gave in and took some of my codeine-laced cough syrup which almost always puts me out: nothing.

On the up side, I made out the shopping list for the Movie Night this month and finalized the menu and decoration details. Still, I would have rather slept.

But oh, today, busy busy busy and topped with a cherry: My first How To over at eHow was published. I also received some very positive technical feedback from the editor who checked my article. Squee!

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