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I finished the toca…that’s it. I will never be ready for 20th year.

Maybe it’s just that it is a Monday, maybe it was that I had to run the dishwasher before I could cook dinner (pan-fried grouper…eh, I hate frying and need to light a scented candle or 5 to get the smell out of the apartment) and that put me behind, or stopping to actually talk to Carole when I dropped off their key instead of just dashing off. Nonetheless, the hats done and not much else. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Okay, a few random tidbits:

I absolutely LOVE the fact that they are coming out with a beefed-up DVD of Clueless. I waited for quite some time before buying the DVD and was still disappointed that there were no special features. I will definitely be picking this one up.

Thoughts go to those in Louisiana after Katrina struck this morning. Eek! I know at least the majority of my family that lives in New Orleans got out and on their way to Atlanta in plenty of time, and family in Ponchatoula got at least a little farther north, I just hope they all have something to go home to. My Aunt and Uncle live in Metairie, two blocks from the Lake.

I love Mac OSX (shhh…don’t let my PCs hear) and not a small part because of the wonder that is iTunes and podcasts. I just wish I could get more than 1 hour of Kidd Kradick’s morning show. And speaking of them, ABC Family just played a promo for From Justin to Kelly (a movie I have watched numerous times….it really does remind me of the Frankie and Annette movies and I’m a sucker for coreagraphed dance scenes) and the little blond Alexis character sounds just like Kelly Raspberry and I was *sure* Kelly looked like that actress. I was a tad off, but oh well.

Abigail’s stitches come out tomorrow–she can finally get a bath! (I’m sure that’s not her highlight of the upcoming day, but again, oh well.)

The harp may be staying home this trip. I was really looking forward to playing it with the ensemble, but I’m quite concerned that the impending rain and humidity of the weekend may warp or worse the harp. On the one hand its one less thing to pack, on the other hand its a big disappointment. Oh well, there’s always Harvest, and Yule, and and and…

and finally,

Yes, Beowulf was assigned today (parts of it at least) but nothing is due on it this week. Wohoo!

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  1. I know this is a really old blog post, but would you by chance have any pics of your Shinrone gown? I am about to buy the pattern, & plan on hand sewing, but would really like to see a finished version. I have googled my fingers off, and can’t find anything!!!

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