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Finally! My silence these past few nights had nothing to do with apathy and everything to do with the minor freakout of Tuesday evening that went something like ohmygodit’stuesdaynightandi’mleavingfridaymorningandihavealmostnoneofmyilluminationdone


So Tuesday evening was a major painting event, getting the coronation scene pretty much done (or at least servicably so) and Wednesday saw me doing the borders and illuminated initial letters.

I also hemmed my blue dress, of a sort. See, I put it on and pinned one section in the front to check where the length should be then took it off and commenced to cutting. You know, for all my usually brilliance and my advancing seamstress skills, I still can do some pretty stoopid things sometimes. Like taking off too much from the bottom of the gown. It probably wouldn’t have been *so* bad as it was, a tad above ankle length for the most part, but I freaked and decided to add some of the excess back. So I trimmed what I had taken off and then attached it back to the “new” hemline…or something like that. Sigh…now there’s this rather funky seam along the bottom of the dress, but I think I’ll end up adding some contrasting trim at that level to hide it. DeHere seemed to think it was customary so who am I to argue…much.

Oh! And I’ve been so very busy that I didn’t even have time to post that my Membership Card came in the mail! Wohoo! Its all nice and blue and official looking, and will save me $6 at the gate tomorrow. Yes, I’m still going. The thought occurred to me to call it a wash and stay home, but what would that serve (besides saving the gas/gas money)? I’ve been looking forward to this for months, I’ve been prepping for it madly, and I just plain want to go. I know a lot of people are staying home for a variety of reasons and I understand that and respect that, I just hope the weekend doesn’t become overly damped by it.

So, it’s almost 3am and I’m almost completely packed and ready. In the morning I need to take Abbie over to Mom’s for the weekend, do a load of whites, and make a hopefully quick trip to Wal-Mart about mid-morning (hoping to avoid most crowds). I have Mom’s car for the weekend and it’s got 3/4 of a tank right now. I’ll top it off at the first place I can in the morning and also do that periodically on the trip there. Oh, and I have a travel companion now 🙂 so at least I’m carpooling!

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