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Another one made just under the deadline:

glamour .

Mom made it to Orlando in time to wait 3 hours for her flight to San Juan (better early than late) but after than we didn’t hear from her so I presume she made it to Curacao in one piece and othewise is having fun. It’s her annual vacation with my Aunt, wonder what she’ll bring me? lol

And speaking of my Aunt, my most favoritist Aunt in the whole wide world is expected to come down from NJ to see my brother graduate in April and it just so happens to be the same weekend as my 30th birthday. Granted, it’s also Anniversary, and he’s supposed to walk at 9am that Saturday, but oh well, it’ll all work out. I had said last year that I wanted a party for my 30th, but it’s on a Sunday… I suppose we could do something that afternoon, but since its directly after a major local event, I wonder if my friends would be too tired to come if I planned something? Hmmm…. something to think about AFTER GWXV

One thought on “I-Friday entry is up

  1. Too tired to party? Are you crazy?
    Ok you may have a point, but I’ll come. If you plan it they will come. :-)!

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