Being right is not all it’s cracked up to be

Everyday Adventures

Especially when it’s a medical right.

So this past weekend? Gloriously productive and overwhelmingly fun. Also had the entire week of post-work activities worked out for maximum prep for Lion’s Tourney.

Monday morning? Woke up with a cough and sore throat. Crap. Went to work but could only last a couple of hours before heading home to sleep. Tuesday? Called in sick but then decided to call for a dr. appt because (and here’s where the being right thing comes in) I thought it had movied into my chest and there was a slight dizziness issue making me think I had an ear infection too…

$40 of prescriptions later…


So now, in addition to missing several hours of work, my prep plans are skewed since, of course, I don’t want to add an unhealthy dose of contaigion to feast (that would be a smidge TOO period, doncha think?), and I’m virtually quarantined from social activities for the better part of the week. Wah.

The silver lining? According to the doctor’s scale I’ve lost 15 pounds since last April. Not a huge leap there, but still… it’s decreasing instead of increasing, and that’s good! And once my tendon issues get fixed (physical therapy starts on Monday) I think I should be able to continue the trend, hopefully in a more accelerated fashion.

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