I didn’t mean to work 10 hours today…

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And yet that’s exactly what I did!

Work was a typical day, lots of interruptions and distractions (not all external, I admit) so my plan was to hang out at the office until it was time to head to Borders for Knit Night at 7pm. Granted, I figured I’d kill time with web surfing or research but I ended up staying on the clock til 6:15 to get at least one complete batch of invoices entered and then sort the mail. The mail, one should note, that didn’t arrive until 5:52pm. It was a sub and I think he was just so happy to see that someone was still at the office that he ended up giving us most of the mail for the next block up as well! Oops… Oh well, he’ll pick it back up tomorrow (hopefully at a more reasonable time) and get a second chance at delivering it.

The good news is that the Spirit store is now open! Wohoo! I went to have a look around in the few minutes I still had to kill before Knit Night. They’re still in the process of getting their stock in. Most of the costumes seem to be in but only a few bits and pieces of decorations and very few large-scale animatronics and such. Maybe they didn’t sell all that well last year so they won’t restock for this year, or maybe they just haven’t come in yet. Not that I have any plans to buy those things, but they’re still pretty cool to look at!

Then the girl at the counter asked what my costume was going to be this year. So I tell her that my friend (palmie) and I are going as Patsy and Edina from AbFab. Enter confused look and head tilt and ‘What’s that?’ Sigh… in that moment I felt so very, very old.

Knit Night was fun! I hadn’t made it to one in at least a couple of months (mostly because I haven’t been knitting much of anything for a while… since I sliced my finger open in May most likely) but since I had Grecian Plait going I thought it would be nice to reconnect with those awesome ladies. It was, it was, it was. I now have the front and back of the Plait completed and joined at the shoulders and both sleeves cast on and begun. Conversation ran from one lady’s impending retirement to Alaska (5 months and 23 days or some such!), Harry Potter, Victorian underwear and confusing authors like James and Faulkner. Oh, and the subject of teenage hair-do’s (namely the one boy whose Mohawk was too high to fit into his mom’s car and the peacock plumage of a few others). I missed those ladies!

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