Why do Wednesdays seem to be so difficult?

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I mean, last week I felt very blah and icky most of the day and this week I was cranky and tired (I even told my boss to kiss my ass; don’t worry, it was in fun and everyone laughed… Mom was so proud, she even said so, without being sarcastic!). It got better both days, and I managed to write some kick-ass (if I do say so myself) articles both times (yes, that includes today, even though I had little hope of accomplishment I think I pulled out a rather witty and actionable 805 words and a spinoff idea for another month!). What gives?

I’m exhausted now mostly because I spent the last almost-hour deleting spam users from the RA forums (I need to clean out the Barony one as well… eek!). I’ve now banned anyone using a .ru or .cn email address because that’s what most of the spam comes from and I don’t have a clue what gawab is but they’re banned, too! I’m trying a little experiment, however, to see if the email verification stops the spammers (since I doubt these email addys are real to begin with) without me having to manually delete each one. If it seems to work I may switch over the Barony to that and at least take some of the scut-work off of my shoulders.

Happy thought: tomorrow I’m wearing my new shoes 🙂 Palmie told me they were still selling at Zappos for $100 and I got mine for $35. Score on top of score!!!

One thought on “Why do Wednesdays seem to be so difficult?

  1. Depending on the forum software you are using they may have a plugin to prevent spam users from creating accounts or commenting in the forum.

    I know many of the forums out there today have these features. If the one you are using doesn’t perhaps it’s time to check into migrating?

    Something else that helps with spam is if you track down the companies that you are directed too when clicking the link. Go to their website and tell them your forums are being spammed. If they are respectable they will take steps. It worked for me and I only had to call Canada to speak with someone from the company.

    Best of luck to ya.

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