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I <3 power tools.

I also now totally understand why construction workers prefer to work shirtless… that extra material just makes one that much hotter! Ick!

So. Today. Definitely productive! Two trips to the hardware store, one trip to Mom’s to borrow the cordless drill when I realized elbow grease just wasn’t going to cut it, and countless trips up and down my step-ladder have resulted in one hung curtain rod (that is still curtainless… what? it’s a work in progress… but I did add the tassels I bought a year ago) and two hung DIGNITET sets complete with their drapes. The room is far from finished, but it’s definitely getting there.

I was thinking about the whole process earlier tonight and I guess the transformation of the bedroom is going in stages. Bedroom 1.0 was the green and garden theme (using the term so very loosely here). Bedroom 2.0 is still not fully realized.

  • 2.0.1: New linens, headboard cover and nightstands (not to mention the rearrangement of all the furniture therein. ~ March/April ’07
  • 2.0.2: New comforter (just in time for the impending chilly weather… please?), wall hangings, and paitings. ~ September ’07
  • 2.0.3: Lamps and additional furniture. ~ ??

It’ll take at least one more trip to the fabric store to finish the wall-hangings. Seeing as I’m making this up as I go along, the initial draping looks great but unfinished. It is my opinion that doing an upper tier at ceiling level (the gold fabric starts about 7″ from there) in a contrasting color (either a rust, orange, or burgandy) will fix the unfinished look of the base drapes and the once I add the paintings (the four of which I drew tonight, painting will be fit in as time and mood allow) with their falls of fabric (a third color, whichever one doesn’t get used for the border draping) will finish the walls off fairly well. The Le Kinff print I got on the cruise (while of completely different ethnic background as the room) will match the color and mood of the room and take up most of the wall above the vanity table (which is, right now, the only undraped wall)–I just need to frame it.

I think the cost so far for this makeover (long and drawn out though it may be) is around $175. That’s not really all that bad when you think about it. I figure with additional fabric, the eventual purchase of matching lamps and the low, long bookcases I want for the side wall(s) from IKEA (the 74″ LACK shelf) I’ll probably finish the redecorating project for $300 or less. That’s still not bad when I consider the vast difference between the old (boring, simple, bright) and the new (spicy, shadowy, sultry).

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