Another day off!

Everyday Adventures

More sleeping in, more shopping, more sorting and filing. But the yard of receipts is now filed into its appropriate file-totes (yay!) and I was able to get the fabric I needed to continue the bedroom makeover!!! I must have walked down every single fabric aisle at JoAnns (some twice) before settling on a kinda crinkly gold sheer (bonus: the 54″ deco fabrics were 50% off!). I’ve got a little over 12 yards and that /should/ be enough to drape the two long walls and curve in towards the window. I also found a great (and inexpensive) curtain rod in a gold-tone to go over the wide window. I still need to get something to do the actual curtain with, but I’ve got my eyes peeled!

The bummer is that the Dignitet sets I bought at IKEA to suspend the sheers? Do not come with hanging hardware. Not that I don’t understand, I mean there’s several different wall-types to accommodate so, sure, there might not be a universal screw. But it means I’ll have to go to the hardware store tomorrow if I want to get this project done tomorrow. And here I thought I was going to avoid leaving the house tomorrow! Oh well… I also need some hooks to anchor the line in the corners so I guess I’d have to go eventually.

My goal for tonight is to make it to bed BEFORE 4am. These last several days I’ve been getting up at 11 or 12 and staying up til 3 or 4. Which is great because I much prefer the nights to the days, but it’s going to be hell to reset for Tuesday. So tonight I’m shooting for 1, 2 at the latest and getting up at a more reasonable hour as well. Not necessarily 6am, maybe 8?

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