It sure feels like Sunday…

Everyday Adventures

But it’s not. I caught myself feeling like I had to go to work tomorrow at least twice.

The big projects for today were some shopping, paying the rent, submitting my ArtSci report and sorting receipts for filing. That last one was a doozie and I’ve spent the last 6 hours or so sitting on the living room floor surrounded by piles of bills and receipts sorting them by year (thanks to the recent stuff-quake in the Abyss, lots of resurfaced). The sorting is now done but my back cannot take another couple hours hunched over file-totes sorting them further. That can wait for tomorrow.

But it’s been a good day, all things considered, and Big Lots had some of their Halloween stuff out already so I’ve picked up a few more decorative items (the linen closet–which also holds party supplies–really needs some organizing now) for the party next month. Wow… it’s September. How on earth did that happen?

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