Hey! It’s Monday!

Everyday Adventures

Silly 3-day weekend, confusing me. I actually came quite close to not uploading the next installment of Random Acts…

And a clarification: Last night’s entry was not a ‘poor pitiful me please pet me’ post. I was venting a bit of frustrations, it’s my blog, I can do that. No need to set up a watch or some such nonsense (though I appreciate the concern…). I’m quite stable.

I’m down to 2 stitches from the original 4 as of this morning, so improvement has been seen. I’m going to try going it without the foam finger and see if I can manage not to make the remaining stitches angry. I must say, it’s nice to be able to bend my index finger again!

Aside from laundry at Mom’s (what does it say about me that I have enough articles to justify an entire load of just reds?) and cooking and such I have done very little of actual consequence. I have a feeling that this week might be a very busy one though, so expect things to change! Change is good, right?

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