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So. The cruise date is coming up quickly (just 2.5 weeks to go if that!) and Mom still needed something for formal night. The idea was to maybe go shopping this weekend but that didn’t happen: Mom decided that she was home and was going to stay home. Instead we went to Catherine’s after work tonight with plans to have dinner at the Olive Garden once we were finished.

Since I don’t wear a watch I’m really not sure how long we were at Catherine’s but we succeded in finding Mom a fabulous outfit for formal night, a casual shirt for her, and a glitzy top for me (which will probably get paired with one of my many black skirts for formal night). Dinner was nice and leisurely and, since we were out, we decided to see if we could find appropriate shoes for Mom while we still had the outfit to match with us.

To the Mall we went, the big Mall, and proceded to cover about half of it. We found shoes right off (which is a bit of a surprise since it’s an odd color between grey and taupe we were trying to match) but then I suggested we look for a cute evening bag for her as well. Y’all, I never thought she’d go for it but she did and we traipsed through several stores trying to find just the right color bag for the outfit.

Of course we succeded and we found another cute shop while making our rounds that I will definitely have to return to when I have a clothes budget once again. [Stupid ER trip messed up some budgetary issues for the end of May, meh!] [‘meh’ really shouldn’t be followed by an exclamation point as emphatic apathy seems to be a contradiction in terms however it was wholly appropriate to the sentiment.] As we left Macy’s we noticed that the crowds were getting quite light and that the kiosks were closing up. Mom checked her watch to see that it was a quarter til 9–no wonder we were starting to tire!

All in all it was a very successful trip and I can’t wait to see everyone’s face when they get a load of Mom’s plunging neckline!

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