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No, this is not yet another entry about my neuroses… This is actually about productivity!

Saturday pretty much sucked for productivity: I did nothing of consequence and the only reason I actually got dressed was to drive out to Koosh’s for the Crawfish Festival to-go. The price wasn’t bad, but the quality of the crawdads, at least in the two pounds I brought home, was not so great. Worth it, yes, but we didn’t miss much by not going out there for the afternoon.

Sunday, on the other hand, was very productive. I decided to forego Knitting in Public at All Saint’s in favor of tackling my bedroom. Now, really, what was wrong with my bedroom was not all that much it was merely the preponderance of clothing EVERYWHERE that made it look bad. That and the stuff from the little folding table that, when I moved said folding table, I just sort of left where it fell and never dealt with. Most was easily organized once I actually took the time to do it, I just really hadn’t cared enough in the past to do it. It’s not like anyone other than me sees that room.

But the time had come to fix that (the state of affairs, not the lack of public viewing) and so I tossed a few hours at it. And, well, now the room looks so empty!!! It helped when I moved the quilt stand from the foot of the bed to the side wall where the miscellaneous crap was, but oh my goodness with the blank walls. I really need to do something about the expanses of off-white walls that are in that room. Still left to do is to organize the shoes and deal with the vanity table. I moved the table into place, the chair sits in front of it, but the boxes of stuff I need to go through to figure out what will and will not go onto the vanity table? Still underneath the table and trying to escape. Most of it will be tossed, I know this, but I haven’t quite worked my way up to dealing with that mess. Soon, though, it will happen. It has to, really, because my tiny little bathroom lavatory isn’t big enough to hold all the makeup, etc. that it would otherwise need to and putting an etage in there is out of the question!

As to the title? Yes, well, I sorted all of the clean clothes that were existing draped over various bits of furniture on my bed and put everything on hangers and into the closet or folded and into/onto the dresser. I ran out of hangers. This isn’t overly surprising but I had recently purchased 16 more hangers since the last time I vowed to hang everything up again and, well, no. Still not enough. And y’all, I haven’t done laundry in a week so even though, when all was said and done and hangers that had been hiding were uncovered, I was still a handful-shy of enough. I have a walk-in closet. One side is shirts and one side is skirts/pants. Dude, I almost don’t have enough room for it all. And almost all of these clothes? I wear. It’s not like half of my wardrobe just sits there collecting dust! I cycle through almost all of it every few months. And now that it’s warming up again? More will get cycled through. Sure, there is some chaff amidst the wheat, I admit, but even if I ditched that? Still loads of clothing.

But I need more hangers. I think I should just make the rule that if I buy a new article of clothing, even if it’s only one and comes with the hanger, I need to go buy a pack of hangers at the store. Because, y’all, I really don’t know how but they seem to multiply. And there are still some pesky wire hangers in there that need to be disposed of.

Somehow I think I’ll get more hangers before I get that scale.

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