2 out of 3… not bad

Everyday Adventures

(I couldn’t bring myself to use the word “ain’t” in the title, I just couldn’t!)

Since I seem to be delineating my weekly schedule so far, I figure I’ll continue. Just as Knit Night being on Tuesdays leads Tuesday to be my general knitting night at home, so the twice-monthly SCA meetings on Thursdays mean that I will spend at least part of Thursday evenings working on one SCA project or another. Since the website (see also Monday nights) revamp seems to be the most pressing project, I threw another couple hours working on assembling one of the new pages for it. Now I can set it aside until Monday when I’ll do the in-page linkages that iWeb does not have a shortcut for. Oh well, it’s not difficult, just tedious. But at least there’s a significant light at the end of this tunnel. Soon the majority of the revamp will be done and all that it will need is periodic updates. That is a very good thing, as it also means my personal sites may see some updates once my work for others is more contained.

The thing I did NOT do last night was work out. Just wasn’t going to happen. In fact, I’m possibly on the verge of another case of bronchitis (a suspiscious cough began the other day) so didn’t want to push it. As long as I don’t skip weeks entirely I still feel pretty good about the activity level, but it may take some more time to get up to twice a week.

But that’s only one each, right? What’s #3?

Well, that was an unexpected bit of good on my part: I didn’t make cookies. Oh, I was tempted to, sorely so. I refrained, however, and settled for baby carrots as a snack. Now, I know that pretty much no where in the world is baby carrots a convincing substitute for homemade, warm from the oven, chocolate chip cookies but if you can get away with the substitution it’s probably not a bad idea. Again, the idea is healthy here. Chocolate chip cookies will not help the overall weight loss goal so I refrained. At least for a day. Tonight may be another story, or maybe some time this weekend.

I still need to buy a scale.

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