Samoa Soup

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Catchy title, no?

I slacked a bit last night in some ways and so not in others. Part of the slacking had to do with nutrition. I decided to forgo the stated menu and toss together something carbolicious out of some leftovers that needed eating. Afterwards I figured I’d have myself a smackerel of something sweet (nod to Pooh Bear).

A sinus-inspired headache had plagued me all day so I forwent the usual workout and went straight to the computer desk to spend a bit of quality time with iWeb. Now, I will say, that iWeb does what it does in spectacular fashion. HOWEVER. I am about at the edge of iWeb’s usefullness. There will come a time, in the not to distant future, that I will have to stop with the gui-licious editing and start using a text editor to do some HTML-work that iWeb doesn’t let you do on it’s own. There are work-arounds but once you take that path you’re pretty much stuck. Oh well, no worries, but I did create another 4 pages for the Barony’s revamp and most of my time last night was spent transferring links from one site to another. You would think this wouldn’t be such a bit deal, just copy and paste right? Uh, no. The old site uses a database for the links and so when you copy the list-o-links you get the database entry link instead of the actual url of the destination site. So, while I fully intended to check for broken links in the process of all of this, I really did NOT intend to have to copy and reformat each of the 198 links. But I did, and the site will be all the better for it. One thing I can certainly say, after dealing with this site revamp, is that I have a much better understanding of things like the bylaws and various SCAdian resources! Oy!

So, remember that smackerel of something sweet from a paragraph ago? Yeah, about this time last night (iWeb monopolized me for about 3.5 hours) was when I remembered, too. I had taken a carton of Edy’s Girl Scout Cookie (Samoas) Ice Cream out to thaw a smidge (I don’t like very hard ice cream, and while Edy’s is usually good about staying creamy, my freezer is incredibly efficient!). 3.5 hours later I had Samoa Soup. Or, what I chose to look at it as, Samoa Milkshake. Mmmmm. (Luckily most of the carton had already been consumed.)

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