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Well, this blog will be taking a slightly different direction now (it will have a direction, that’s something in and of itself), as I find myself suddenly single again.

I’ll not dwell on the hows and whys, it’s not important at this point, or for this forum, and I’m trying not to personally dwell on it. Why? Am I just a heartless *itch who can easily put away the heartbreak and disappointment of her impending divorce? Um, no…

It’s a matter of self-preservation. What is done is done, what needs doing will be done, and what need’s be will be. I cannot change that. To the people who think that I should keep letting myself fall apart every half-hour, and thereby truly show the correct level of emotional unhinging appropriate to the situation else I must not have truly [insert past tense emotional verb here] my spouse:


Just because my small corner of the world has crumbled in the space of a dandelion puff does not mean that the rest of the world is going to stop spinning on its axis. As much as I may have wanted to just hide in bed for a week, I still have bills to pay, I have a life that will need living eventually, and now I have plans to make on how to be me, just me, only me, maybe for always.


So, this will now be the journal of a girl who finds herself completely on her own for the first time ever (without even a roommate, unless you count the dog). And since the dog doesn’t tend to talk back, I would imagine that, especially once I get the whole moving thing accomplished, I will be visiting here much more often in need of semi-human contact.

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