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Everyday Adventures

Can we say the first of the year brings my busiest season ever? Yes, we can.

But, there is light in the tunnel and that has to do mainly with the fact that the office wasn’t closed for a week this year…only 2 days, so I didn’t start the year quite so behind. Strange where the bright spots come from, no?

It’s hard to believe that it’s 2005. My date stamp doesn’t even go to 2005 (which is just as well as it was starting to get pretty run-down, but still)!

And school starts tonight. Should be pretty quick (read as pass out the syllabus, read the syllabus, perhaps assign some reading for next week) both tonight and tomorrow, and tomorrow I will actually get my supply list and can finish my shopping! Wohoo!

My intention to keep up better with FlyLady is going well so far and some areas of the house are starting to look better.

Scrapbook total so far is 18 pages, all in the Disney album, and I’m seriously considering the GSC crop in February.

On the needles are the neverending Sonnett, a yellow teddy bear destined to be a baby present, and some knitted jewelry. Two needle felting projects in the works are the dog-turned-duck and the vintage catwalk applique for the month of softies .

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