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Well, not surprisingly, living under the same roof was a tad weird and V asked if I could make other arrangements in the interim. So, last weekend I moved most of my clothes, some of my shoes, and a few odds and ends over to Mom’s to stay for the 3 weeks until my moving day.

The first evening I was here was, well, a bit rocky. I had been doing pretty well as the week went on, knew it was coming, started to pack things up, but when I got to Mom’s I pretty much lost it for a while. But, after the one episode I felt better and got through the week. I would go over to V’s (no longer my) house, pack and play with Abbie, and be gone by 8pm. Abbie is staying in familiar surroundings until I get settled in the new place and move her over too.

Of course, by the end of the first week I had packed probably 75% or more of my belongings and had exhausted the original and subsequent supply of found boxes. So I didn’t go over during the weekend and we decided I would visit Abbie and pack the last few things on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next 2 weeks. That way I got to see Abbie somewhat regularly, but it didn’t keep him from going home too many evenings (did I mention he asked not to be present when I was there? or for the moving day? yeah, but I guess I understand that too). Tonight Abbie was happy to see me, I finished packing the main kitchen things (including the breakables and plastics) and just have the contents of my baker’s rack left (cake pans galore!).

In an effort to stave off boredom and ‘keep busy so as not to think’ I’ve been attending more SCA activities and will probably continue to do so, even after the move. I have to say, for relatively new acquaintances some of them sure have become fast friends. They have all been very considerate and those who know of the impending move have all offered themselves and others as moving help (which I will shamelessly accept). I have to think that fate smiled on me, what with that stumbling across that SCA-related website a few months ago and renewing my interest in the group, thus laying the groundwork for the expanded support network I find myself in the midst of.

Last night was medieval dance practice: fun but tiring, and good exercise. I have water bottles in the freezer now in preparation for tomorrow nights exertions!

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