But It’s MY Day, Or Is It?

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Watching one of those train-wreck reality shows the other night where yet another whiny bride-to-be screams after her disagreeing groom “It’s MY DAY!” Todd shakes his head and asks, “What’s all this My Day stuff, isn’t it Our Day?”

I love that man.

Yes, more than anything it is Our day. I’ve never had the all-about-me desire that many brides seem to have (in fact, to tell the whole truth, being the center of attention for that long is a little scary!). But it’s not just us–it’s also for our guests.

And here’s where the real tightrope-walking comes in:

While it’s true that we want to do things our way and not be forced to go along with a practice or “tradition” just because everyone else does or certain people expect it, we also want our guests to enjoy themselves and, basically, be great hosts.

I know there will be the inevitable scrunched nose at some of our choices, but for every 2 steps we take off the beaten path, it’s probably a good idea to put out a familiar mile marker to our guests looking for the straight and narrow.

And something tells me I might need reminding of this magnanimous point of view when I get one too many scrunched noses or “what are the rest of us going to eat” responses but, really, if we didn’t care about our guests, we would have bothered inviting them, right?

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Do you keep your guests in mind as you make wedding decisions
or do you see them just a captive audience?

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