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Have I got news for you?!

Actually, it’s more like a confession…

Did you know…

I’m Gauche!

But not just any old gauche, oh no, the lovely ladies at Gauche Alchemy have decided I’m just the right kind of gauche to join the GA Team as a blog writer! I’d be speechless, but that wouldn’t fit this group!

Actually, I’ve known about this for a week, now, but couldn’t breathe word one. Do you know how tough it is for me to keep the good kind of secrets? Really tough. Like maybe as tough as it is for me to resist the basket of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs in the living room that I am *not* getting up to go pilfer between paragraphs.

Starting later this month I get the pleasure of writing up projects from the Alchemists (that’s what they call the Design Team members) and even toss in a few projects of my own from time to time.

Needless to say, I’m beyond excited about this!!!

I mean, how could I *not* with badges like these:

Which do you think I should put in the sidebar on permanent display?

Now, for those of you who know exactly what-all I’ve got going on, you’re probably wondering just how I have time to take on something else?

Well, that leads me to Page 2, as Paul Harvey would say.


What to Feed Your Raiding Party is getting closer and closer to being absolutely, true-blue, in-print done! I still have to lay out the actual pages–and that’s no small task, I admit–but that’s pretty much ALL that’s left. Compared to everything else I’ve done for this book in the past 2+ years, the layout is just details.

I’m not quite ready to announce a street-date or even open up pre-orders just yet, but if you’ve been curious about the cookbook or are planning to order a copy, make sure to either subscribe to the progress blog over at whattofeedyourraidingparty.com or Like the Facebook Fan Page so you don’t miss any of the big announcements that are coming up soon!

But wait, there’s more!


Because I firmly believe the best things come in threes, I have one more piece of news to share. This one is pretty time-sensitive, too. On April 28, 2012, I’ll be hosting the Helper Monkey version of the 

Great American Bake Sale

to benefit Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign.

If you’ll be in the Tallahassee area that day, make sure to stop by our table at the Market Square Farmer’s Market and pick up a sweet treat and do good at the same time. If you’re not in the Tallahassee area, check out the Bake Sale map and find one in your area (or sign up to host one, yourself!). Or, none of those options work for you, would you consider making a donation on our team page? After all…

$1 can help provide a hungry child with 10 healthy meals.
$4 can help provide a child facing hunger with a backpack full of healthy food over a weekend when school meals are not available.
$9 can help connect a child with healthy lunches during summer when school is out.
$35 can help a child care center provide free afterschool snacks and suppers to at-risk children all year long.
$65 can provide a grab-n-go breakfast cart to an elementary school so that every student starts every school day with a healthy meal.

Thanks a million!

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