Am I still lazy

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If I only managed to do one comic, tidy the living room and dining room, listen to a friend’s rant, and hang up all the clothes strewn about my bedroom but ordered dinner in instead of cooking? Oh, and I managed to do two sections of digital coloring, too, for the Secret Project.

Still, compared to the mad dash of the last couple of nights tonight almost felt like slacking. Of course, I couldn’t really allow myself to slack, but I oh so wanted to. Tomorrow won’t be much better, laundry list of things to do then as well. I’m looking forward to the weekend, though, maybe I can carve out some serious downtime then. It’s always good to hope!

One thought on “Am I still lazy

  1. “What you only have three jobs? Back in my country we had eight jobs minimum! You lazy Americans with your two and three jobs only. Bah!” 8^) (Mad TV reference)

    Let’s hope the weekend cools down for ya and your heels can get kicked up for a couple hours.

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