Busy busy bee? No, it’s me!

Everyday Adventures

So, let’s see, tonight was the TGIO dinner after work. Tomorrow is Knit Night which I will attend after writing for an hour or two in the coffee shop first, and Thursday is the SCA meeting but first more coffeeshop writing. My goal is to get back into the groove of writing regularly. I also need to toss some exercise in there, so maybe Wednesday right after work I’ll go walk for a while before digging into Thursday’s comic and some miscellaneous web work. Provided I can keep it up, this week promises to be a very productive one.

Of course, then the challenge becomes not wanting to absolutely avoid all work next week. It defeats the point but is usually the way these things go. But I have to try and fight that inclination because next week is a short one for me, since I’m heading to New Orleans on Friday. Before that I have to get my desk packed up at work so the carpet guys can move everything the weekend I’m gone when we get our pretty new floors.

I got the tree put up this weekend, and a few things on the wall, but not much else done decoration wise. Did manage to finish watching TNG Season 1 and work on a small knitting project. Not much else since I woke up Saturday morning feeling ill so I took it mostly easy. Lots to do both before I go out of town and then before Christmas!

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