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I was trying to be so good tonight, honest. I went home, fixed supper, started laundry, did 40 minutes of pilates and worked on the Barony’s website. Dude, if it were only that simple.

See, first the was the washing machine incident. Just as I’m starting to load my delicates into the machine three really hot guys walk into the room. Why in the hell it happened I don’t know, but there was some knee-jerk reaction of ‘holy cow, cute guys, and me with a basket of worn undies; I know, I’ll try and cram the ENTIRE basket worth of clothes all at once and that will prevent any perceived embarrassment’. Sure. Didn’t work, I think I called more attention to myself, just as I realized that at least one of them was incredibly gay, so chances were they all were (judging by the ‘are you calling me fat’ convo I witnessed). Whatever, I got the machine started and beat a hasty retreat.

I go back to put the clothes in the dryer and the room is blessedly empty. There were a couple of machines to choose from, including one that spends more time broken than not. It seemed to be in working order tonight but something told me not to ues that one, instead choose the other open machine. It was only after I loaded the clothes in that I noticed there was a little bit of time left on it! Score! I finish my pilates and go to check the clothes in the dryer. Still damp, but I figured it had to do more with the short time allotted and the chill could be due to my workout running 20 minutes past the dryer time. Sure. Not.

45 minutes later, after working on the Barony’s website for a while, I got back to get the clothes. They should definitely be dry now. Nope. Granted, tumbling around in no-heat for an hour did manage to de-lint them and spin out some of the moisture but dry? No. And me out of quarters. Luckily I always have a back-up about five minutes away: Mom’s house. I swear I bring more laundry home /now/ than when I was actually a college student.

I’m still amazed I made it home only missing the first 10 minutes of Heroes.

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