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Two more writing sessions in and I’m doing quite well. It’s only been a day and a half and I’m almost double what the daily minimum should have me at. It was very strange when I opened up the excel report card and entered things in and had it tell me I had 22 writing hours to go and at this rate I’d reach 50K on November 10th. Wouldn’t that be wild if I not only won this year but actually managed to do it in the first 10 days?!?!?

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Today is my Shand’s appointment so I’ll be heading to work for 2 hours before leaving to drive to Gainesville. I’m leaving myself plenty of time for interstate traffic and expect to hit Gainesville around lunch-time so will have time to grab something to eat and then still be early for my 1:45 appointment. I brought the laptop with me, so I can work on the novel a bit more if I choose, but I also brought my knitting, depending on how nervous I get. It’s silly, with as many doctors as I’ve seen in the last  year to get nervous about just one more, but I admit it. Going to a major hospital, driving 2 hours + for a doctor’s appointment, it’s a Big Thing in my head. Today is an evaluation, I imagine there will be a fair amount of chit chat, a look over the recent lab work, and then an exam. Nothing major. Hopefully this will lead to the o-scan, that’s the goal right now. Here’s hoping!

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