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Those are hard-won words my friends. Ugh. I just couldn’t really get into and I knew exactly what I needed to get written down, I just get way too distracted here on this computer. Oh well. I’m at quota for the day plus a little bit (not quite 100 over) so I can stop and move onto other things.

Other things being designing the t-shirts for the cruise and getting the ironing-on done. Actually Mom designed them more-or-less, I just have to lay it out and do the rest. I haven’t felt incredibly productive at all today, but I did do most of my packing last night after finishing the laundry. And I think I can fit everything into my one big suitcase but then I have a dilemma. Do I want to put all of my clothes in one hamper?

Sure, I imagine it doesn’t happen all that often, probably less often than an Airport losing a bag even, but if something happens and my luggage is not put on the ship, it’s not like I can just run down to the local store and buy some cheap shirts and tshirts to get by. No, by the time there would be cause to worry we’d have already left the dock and the ship shops are not cheap.

Of course I’ll have a second small bag as carry-on because that’s just smart travel. But how much should I divide everything up is what I’m wondering? And the big case is a couple inches too long and wide to board with myself, so I can either take two smaller bags and carry on at least one of them or I can take my chances. Oh the dilemma! Oh well, I have a few more evenings to diliberate.

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