3 days til Cruise…

Everyday Adventures

Well, two if you consider that today is pretty much over and Thursday we leave to catch the boat, but since we don’t board until afternoon, maybe we’re dealing with more like 2 1/2 days. Or we could just cut the fuss and count down hours : 60 hours, 45 minutes or so. Whee!

I decided to repack my one big case into the two smaller ones, which both fit under the carry-on size (one just barely) and everything fits, except the goodie bags (hey, it’s a birthday cruise, we need goodie bags) so there will be my small shoulder-bag as well. I just have to make sure we’re not limited to a number of carryons if we choose to tote our own bags rather than risk a mix-up.

I finished the t-shirt design but I want Mom to go ahead and have a look before I commit iron to cotton and have her unhappy about something. I like the way they turned out, though, at least so far. And I still need to wash out the water bottles and put the names on them and such (oh, hush, this /is/ me and I am the ersatz host of this floating party–I want it to be memorable… for all the /right/ reasons).

I did write some tonight, got to about 4200+ on the screenplay so I’m a couple hundred short of goal but I’ll make it up tomorrow night, I hope. There are only so many hours in a day, and mine seem to be getting shorter and shorted despite the sun staying up longer.

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