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It’s so odd. I just went to go start the laundry and it’s hardly even dusk out at 8:30. Yes, I know we haven’t even made it to Midsummer yet, but still, it feels kind of weird, like it’s not really as late as it is.

Anyway, I finally started Script Frenzy! last night and in a couple of hours managed to tap out 1116 words. Cool, huh? And today we had our first write-in so after 3 hours, if my manual count is correct, I’m now up to 2771! That’s over 10% in. During one of my many people-watching breaks this afternoon (the B&N coffee shop is so good for that sort of thing) I did a little math and, even with not starting until the 8th and missing 5 days for the cruise I still only have to write 1112 words a day in order to reach 20K by the end of the month. That’s not bad at all! It also means I’m 500 ahead after today. Granted I still have to type up today’s pages, but it’s a whole lot easier that still having to come up with them!

I also managed to ink RA8–I even did a heavier outline for all the characters. Of course it makes sense but it was kind of one of those ‘duh’ moments while I was watching Timeline that, if I did the heavier outlines on just the characters outer edges they would stand out from the backgrounds that much more! (I said it was a ‘duh’) In fact, I’m so impressed with the way this one turned out, I’m halfway tempted to post it as black and white. I probably won’t, but I may just scan it b/w just in case I screw it up with color.

And my non-fiction kick continues. After forcing myself to stck out all three hours of the write-in I wandered B&N for a bit, looking for deals. I found this slim little book about secret societies throughout history and Disney War (about when Roy & co split off from Eisner+). I’m really enjoying the Absolut biography that’s on my bedside table along with the Black Dahlia Avenger (which I switched off from this last week). And waiting to be brought on the cruise? Priscilla Presley’s Elvis and Me! lol (Though really I got that to prep for next year’s road trip.)

There was one fiction novel that caught my eye: The Big Over Easy. It’s a crime novel set in Nursey Rhymes (hello? Fables anyone? But anyway…) and this is an investigation into the murder of Humpty Dumpty. Too awesome for words! Not that I’ve read it yet, but I love the premise (for the same reason I adore Fables).

Okay, now off to type in my script so far… Celtx, btw, rocks the formatting.

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