Everyday Adventures

Holy cow…

I’m actually a smidge back from where I thought I’d be (basically writing at the library with others clicking and scratching away was a teensy bit distracting this time, but still: Everyone got a tremendous amount done, including me, and that’s never a bad thing. I do have to call today and see about getting the larger conference room downstairs because we filled the little one (yay!).

In other news… I believe that lettuce I ate last night was older than I thought, just a guess, because I know everything else had just been bought the day before and I woke up this morning very unwell. I’m not at work, which means (because I still cannot get away from the teachings of my youth) I won’t be going to see the dancers tonight at the fair (because even if I’m feeling better, if you don’t go to school/work you don’t get to play). Oh well. But I’ve choked down some plain toast and grits and gatorade (and yes, it tasted not-bad which means I am in fact dehydrated because I hate that nasty stuff with a passion) and now will go nap a bit. Then I will call the nice lady at the library, and work on my novel a bit more, before an afternoon-type nap.


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