Everyday Adventures

Not much change, huh?

I’m feeling better today, thankfully, but this morning was still a touch rocky and I ended up with only about 15 minutes to write. Last night I did write enough to get past the 23K point, but it was slow going. Something about the general lack of stimulation and slothfulness of being ill just translated to everything.

I guess this is further proof to the theory that working from home in your pj’s is less effective than working from home, dressed for work.

Tonight is Knit Nite, and while I’d plan to novel in the break between work and Knitting, I believe it will be necessary to actually work to make up some of the time I missed yesterday (being at the end of one’s sick time for the year doesn’t help matters when compounded with the out of town appointment this pay period, too). In other words, my word count may take a day-off until tomorrow morning. Oh well, such is life. I’ve got a good lead out at any rate.

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