You know you’re in the SCA…

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When you introduce yourself to a stranger (not at an event) by your persona name and not your ‘real’ name.

Sheesh! At class tonight one of the other girls introduced herself and I went right on to say, “Hi, my name’s Etain…Oh, wait, I’m sorry, that’s not my name, it’s Jennifer.” D’oh! Now, a lot of dancers choose ‘stage names’ so having a different name for that realm would not be out of order, but my goodness!

Maybe I should just change my name…it would be so much easier, after all, why do we need another Jennifer in the world lol There are not nearly enough Etains though 😉 No, probably not going to do that, but I was so surprised tonight that it was more second nature to introduce my 12th century Irish alter-ego than my 21st century self. Has anyone else done this???

In other news, Julianna announced that there will be a Christmas show utilizing Pharonic dance and she would be holding auditions for it later in the year. I’m desparate to try and hope by then I’ll be good enough to gain a spot, but even if not it should be a good show even if I’m just a spectator. The one thing that gives me pause? The candles. One in each hand. Lit. And somehow moving them up, under and around oneself while dancing. Oh, and that the costumes would be sleeveless.

One thought on “You know you’re in the SCA…

  1. Yes, I agree it’s a shock to have to reintroduce yourself with your modern name – like I don’t know my own name. I’ve done it more than once – usually after I’ve spent all weekend @ an event – and it doesn’t help that I generally sign my online posts and certain emails in persona. I’m just hoping they’re not off thinking that I forgot to take my medicine and that now the multiple personalities are showing up. :-)!

    Good luck with the dance try out. Let me know when the show is – I’m assuming it’s open to thepublic- it sounds really neat.

    I hope your in bed or relaxing now after today’s ordeal. I’m thinking happy thoughts for you.


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