what a moan-day

Everyday Adventures

spent the day kind of groggy, not very motivated, but at least wanting *something* to show for the day, so i did get a decent amount done, but as you can see i can’t even be bothered to use capitalization.

the highlight of the day was sca dance practice. granted, i got totally befuddled–but what’s new–but i had all the energy i didn’t have at work in that hour at the park. whee

and tomorrow is bellydance again. another whee

on the not-so-whee factor i’m having to really come down on that ‘friend’ that owes me money. sigh. it’s not only a matter of my budget (because that’s plenty of it), its also how insulting it is to be avoided by someone and the feeling like i shouldn’t make any scenes and that *i* should be worried about what other people think. i’m the one that has been used here, and i’ve been patient, but the float that was supposed to be no more than a week has now gone on for over a month, and the past couple of weeks i’ve been flat-out avoided and ignored. sigh. tomorrow a letter will go out and hopefully that will take care of it. otherwise it’ll be small claims court.

feh. tomorrow should be better, i hope, and we can return to capitalization again. at least i didn’t leave out spaces and punctuation!

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