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Yay! My pink wool came in today for my next Shinrone gown. So now the question becomes: Will I finish the scroll in time to be able to start the de Heere reproduction in time to enter it as a work-in-progress at Art/Sci? Anyone taking bets? lol

I thought I needed to order some white wool as well for dye tests to validate the color but then I remembered I have white Coriedale roving in the Abyss (aka the studio) so now just need the Madder root. Then the next decision is whether I want to buy the 75 buttons I’ll need for the project straight-out, buy a couple and manufacture what I need from Sculpey (using what I purchased to make a mold), or speak to someone about casting pewter buttons for me. Oh, and I need to get saffron and silver silks for the scarf and girdle, respectively.

In other news, for those that may have been concerned, I managed to finally get out of the funk I was in (q.v. last post) around noon or so today, and talked it over with one of the involved parties this evening as well. Life is back to its normal helter skelter and pretty much all is right with my world again. Yay.

And, finally, I’ve decided to upgrade my digital camera. The new toy is now ordered and, soon, on its way to me. Wohoo! And it’s not even retail therapy because I started thinking about it last Friday and didn’t do the actual purchasing until I was bakc to what passes for normal for me, so no buyers remorse or anything like that. I’d be really surprised (but pleased just the same) if it arrived in time for me to take it to Art/Sci, but definitely in time for Lion’s Tourney (like I’m going to have time to use it then!).

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  1. Hi! I read here after I sent the email. I glad to hear that things are better. Let me know if you want to hang out, work on art sci projects together, whatever. Let me know about time for testing the hydromel.

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