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This trip was a bit of an experiment: we’d booked a room in a B&B in a very small town and the website pictures made it look like things could go either way. Thankfully, The Hotel DeFuniak was quaint in the best way possible. Granted, it was a little odd to have the sink in the bedroom (next to the bedside table) instead of a separate bathroom area, but it was easy to get used to. (The shower and commode were in a small–very small–room of their own.) The restaurant, Bogey’s, was very nicely decorated, took a good 2 hours plus for dinner, had jazz singer that did more current standards but did them fairly well, and served very good food and drink. Bought a mixed case of wine along with some other tchotkies at the Vineyard and then a bunch of assorted goodies at the Little Big Store which is like some country general store from ages ago. Too much fun!

The only down side, because with every high there is a low, was the attempt at letterboxing. There was actually a letterbox listed in DeFuniak Springs so we thought we’d give it a try. Having done a little research we knew where to go (a park next to the Municipal airport) and found the location of the box, just didn’t find the box itself. Sigh… it was fun, but no real payoff, you know?

Oh! There was one other thing. We’d found a barbecue place online that we wanted to try for lunch, Pig Daddy’s. I was so looking forward to making fun of their name and slogan (“our butts smell good”) while raving about the food because, really, something that tacky had better be tasty! Couldn’t find it. Ended up eating someplace that was seriously having an identity crisis (listed as Busy Bee Cafe online but the building said they’d moved; we found the now Smokey J Cafe in a building that still had Mamie’s Cafe on the roof–see what I mean?) that was okay, but not rave-worthy. Asked about Pig Daddy’s at the Vineyard: turns out it had just closed. And when I say JUST closed, I mean within the week. How bizarre?

Those two hiccups aside, totally a great weekend. Got a little past tipsy at dinner and Spectrum had fun being amused by my giggly, silly drunkenness. I even drexted someone!

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